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Mowe Muqami supports Lajna Imaillah-organized Atfal/Nasrat Picnic


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Mowe Muqami has rendered a significance support to Atfal/Nasrat Picnic organized by Lajna Imaillah on 1st January, 2017 at Ahmadiyya Mosque, Arigbawonwo, Mowe.
The programme, held to educate the children on the misunderstood life and death of Jesus Christ (as) and sex education, among others, started with Solatu-Duha, led by Bro. Abdul-Hafis Bello as some lectures were delivered by elders in the Jama’at. Bro. Abdul Hafis Bello spoke on “Who is Jesus Christ (as) and the Significance of Christmas celebration” while Mrs Olukola and Mrs Bello gave some tips on Sex Education. Mrs Akinyemi feted the children with motivational talks.

Also, a quiz competition was done to refresh the brains of the children on what they have learnt. The total attendance includes: 40 Atfal/Nasrat; 2 Ansarullah (Bro Taiwo Adeoti and Bro Kamaldeen Kolawole); 9 Lajna Imaillah and 35 Majlis Khuddam as the Dil’a meeting was held at Mowe Muqami for the month of January.



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