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Liberty Muqami holds 2nd Atfal/Nasrat Get-together


Liberty Muqami Atfal Nasrat Day
Liberty Muqami Atfal Nasrat Day

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Liberty Muqami has held its 2nd Annual Atfal/Nasrat Get-together on January 2, 2017 amid pomp and pageantry.

The programme enjoyed the presence of Ustadh Abdul Azeez Abdus Salam, Liberty Jama’at President, ably represented by his Vice, Pa. Tajudeen Ajao; Bro. Abdul Hakeem Awe, Ibadan Dil’a Qaid (Oyo State Qaid); Mrs. A Busari, President, Lajna Imaillah, Ibadan Muqami representing the District Sadr; Mrs. Babalola, Lajna Imaillah Mulk Officer; Mrs. S Abdus Salam, President, Lajna Imaillah, Liberty Halqa and host of others.

The highlight of the programme was a scintillating lecture delivered by Bro. Mubarak Ajimoti, the General Secretary, Oyo Majlis on “Post 100 years of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria: My Role as an Ahmadi Child”, just as some competitions were held among the children. Among which are: Qaseedah, Pick and Talk and Ewi (Poem).

Meanwhile, 5 members of Atfal and Nasirat each from Imalefalafia Muqami were invited to compete in the Pick and Talk on the following topics: “Islam, the only Way to Salvation”, “The Holy Prophet: Mercy for Mankind”, “Achievements of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria in the last Century”, “Qualities of a good Muslim Child”, “Importance of Salat” and “Importance of Education in the Development of Islam”.

A total of 130 people registered their presence at the occasion: 44 Atfal, 54 Nasrat, 15 Khuddam, 12 Lajna and 5 Ansarullah.


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