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Ijede Muqami commissions Secretariat, sends forth Atfal, Khuddam


The memory of the event will continue to linger in the minds of Majlis members as Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ijede Muqami commissioned its MKAN Secretariat and held Send-Forth programme for graduating Atfal and Khuddam on 23rd April, 2017 at Oba-Ajanaku Zonal Mosque, Ijede.

The Secretariat, equipped with electronic library, was commissioned by Muavin Sadr, Bro. Idris Fashina in conjunction with other guests which include: Pa Olaleye; State Qaid, Bro. Shuaib Badmus represented by Bro. Idris Bello; Bro Habeeb Badr, Principal, Ansar-ud-Deen Grammar School, Surulere; Muallim Saheed Mika’il, Ikorodu Circuit Missionary; Bro Abd Kareem Mahmud, President, Ikorodu Jama’at; Bro Ibrahim Awe, Ikorodu Dil’a Qaid; Muallim Abbas Agbaje and Bro. Muhammed Olaleye, Qaid Muqami.

Meanwhile, 8 Khuddam and 12 Atfal were graduated into Majlis Ansarullah and Majlis Khuddam respectively with presentation of large frame pictures with inscriptions of their names, offices held and their durations in office.

The graduands include: Bro. Muddathir Oladoja, immediate past Muqami Qaid (2014-2016); Bro. Yusuf Fashina, Qaid (2010-2014); Bro. Abd Rasheed Adegoke, Naib Muhtamin Tabligh II (2013-2016); Bro. Luqman Abdullahi, Qaid (1998-2002); Bro Muheeb Bakare, Motamad (2010-2014) and Alh. Sharafadeen Raji, Naib Qaid (2010-2014).

Others are Bro. Abd Lateef Atanda, Nazim, Sanat-O-Tijarat and Bro Abdul Fattah Luqman while the graduating Atfal include: Muraina Abd Ganiy; Saheed Ibraheem; Adejuwon Abdullah; Oguntade Mubarak; Raheem Qadri; Olusola Razak Oladipupo; Adelegan Abd Malik; Imran Ahmad; Oyesanmi Sulaiman; Abubakr Nazir; Dhikrullah Aderemi and Yusuf Lawal.

The highpoints of the event were lectures delivered by Muallim Abbas Agbaje on “Service in the Cause of Allah: A Journey from Cradle to Grave”, Bro Fashina Idris “The Need to Uphold our Pledges (Khuddam and Ansarullah Pledges)” and Bro Awe Ibrahim “The Significance of Khudddam Uniform and Financial sacrifice”.

While receiving the graduands into Ansarullah, Bro Mahmud Abd Kareem emphasized that Ansarullah is the peak of graduation within the Jama’at and that the next graduation is death. Therefore, they must all make the best use of every moment to serve Allah and humanities.

As part of the programme, the Qaid announced Bro. Luqman Yusuf, Muqami Mal, as the most hardworking executive member and encouraged others to emulate him and do more to the service of Allah and mankind.

The number of participants and the invited guests which cut across members of Majlis Atfal, Khuddam and Ansarullah was fifty (50).


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