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Ogun Ilaqa visits Elder, Sadr


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun State has paid courtesy visit to former Abeokuta Circuit and State President, Pa (Alh.) Elias Wakeel Akin and Sadr, MKAN, Engr. Saheed Aina during its welfare visitation recently.

According to the State Qaid, Bro. Ibrahim Idrees who led the team of 38 State Officers, Alh. Elias has diligently served the Jama’at as Abeokuta Circuit President as well as Ogun State President for 6 years between the year 2001 and 2007.

Pa Elias revealed that he was not a born Ahmadi as he joined the fold of Ahmadiyya community on the 25th Night of December in 1980. He joined the fold as a result of his first visit to the Annual Conference of the Community in 1980. However, he explained his recent absence at various Jama’at programmes.

He said prior to Majlis’ visitation, he had made up his mind to resign from the Jama’at but now as he speaks, “he had pledged to remain within the fold of Ahmadiyya community”. Meanwhile, the Circuit Missionary, Muallim Kolade Abdus Sobur, corrected his notion about being offended by the Jama’at, saying ‘it is only individuals that offended you not the Jama’at’. He also added that Pa Elias should find a place in his heart to forgive all and sundry and reinvigorate his Jama’at activities.

Pa Elias, on behalf of his family, thanked everyone and prayed for the success of the Jama’at worldwide.

In a related development, Majlis also paid visit to Sadr, MKAN as he welcomed the State Qaid and his entourage to his house. A brief introduction of the Ogun Majlis activities was given by the state Qaid. Responding, Bro Aina implored the Majlis on the way forward for the progress of MKAN. He requested for the support and prayers of Majlis members towards the success of the forthcoming MKAN Ijtema.


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