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Omi-Adio Dila organizes maiden Annual Officers’ Seminar, CDS


It was a landmark achievement for Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi-Adio Dil’a for organizing maiden Annual Officers’ Seminar/Workshop at Omi-Adio Circuit Headquarters on Sunday, 30th April, 2017.

The programme with the theme “Objectives of various MKAN Offices, Details and Ways to Achieve Its Specificity” was directed towards building the spirit of rendering selfless services and to build the capacities of various Omi-Adio Dil’a appointees into performing their duties.

The excellent presentation of Bro. Taofik Ajibade, Naib Muhtamin Tarbiyya on the topic “Examining Various MKAN Offices, the Rudiments and How to Achieve Each Specificity” was a remarkable one. AbdHafeez Apooyin delivered the topic “Rendering Selfless Services to the Jama’at – Duties of Every Ahmadi Muslim Youth”. The final lecture was delivered by Bro. Mubarak Ajimoti, Oyo Ilaqa Motamad, on the topic “Preparing Monthly MKAN Report – Expectations, Avoidance and Roles of Each Office”.

Other guests in attendance were: Pa Ahmed Ibrahim, Vice Circuit President, Alh. Ibrahim Atiba, Oyo State Naib Qaid II, Pa. Falade Muh’d Qaseem the former Dil’a Qaid, Alh. Quadri Shittu the Immediate Past Oyo State Naib Qaid, Pa. Salaudeen AbdHakeem Omi-Adio Dil’a Nazim Ansarullah among others.

The programme, chairmaned by Oyo state Qaid, Bro. Abdul Hakeem Awe, had in attendance sixty two (62) members.

In a related development, motorists, pedestrians and other road users were full of praise for members of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi-Adio Dil’a when on Sunday, 1st April 2017, through community development service, restore back to operation the untarred Oke-Odo Street of Orisunbare community.

As a result of the deplorable condition of the road posed by severe environmental degradation, the road was abandoned for another route despite its links to surrounding villages, except commercial motorbikes which continue to manoeuvre the gigantic potholes.

With the use of sand-filled bags to block the major potholes that had hijacked the road and drainage constructed for easy waterways passage, the untarred road was restored back to operable condition.

It was a 2-hour exercise in which forty-nine (49) Majlis members participated in the exercise.



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