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STCC: Atan Muqami orientates Market Women, Elders


To propagate the effects of crime among people in the society, Majlis khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Atan Muqami has orientated the market women and elders in Ipaja Ayobo Area of Alimosho Local Government as part of programme to launch its Stop the Crime Campaign.

The Majlis invited a resource person to educate the market women and the elders on their contributions to stop the crime in the society.

In another development, the Dil’a also organized a 3-Day Atfal and Nasirat Workshop between 28th and 30th April 2017 which featured courtesy visit to Oba Onidimu of Idimu Land, handcraft training and exhibition show (Making of laundry bags and bunches of brooms),
Literature review (A Man of God and Hadhrat Khadijat and Kindness to Children), Procession, Lectures and Competition, among others.

For the handcraft, some members of Atfal in group 3 sew laundry bags using tailoring machine and later exhibited them. According to the organizer, they collected palm fonts for the children from palm trees and also gave them knives to trim out its leaves and held on to the broomstick.


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