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Workshop: Ojodu Dil’a trains Atfal, Nasrat on Qur’an


To widen the children’s horizons on Qur’anic lessons, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ojodu Dil’a has organized a 4-day Qur’anic workshop at Ahmadiyya Mosque, Denro, Lagos between 6th and 9th April, 2017.

According to the Organizer, the purpose of the programme is to improve the children’s recitation skills, sensitize the children on application of Tajwid-ul-Qur’an and demonstrate to them the essence of frequent recitation of Holy Qur’an.

Besides the basic knowledge and recitation of Holy Qur’an, the workshop also featured examinations on correct recitation of Holy Quran and general Islamic knowledge.

The presence of Ojodu Circuit President, Alhaji Abdul Hakeem Arowosere, Amila members and Dil’a Murabi Atfal, Alh. Abdur Rasaq Ma’roof affords the children the opportunity to hear fatherly advice on how to be successful in life.

In attendance were 64 Atfal/Nasrat and 7 facilitators who fully participated at the capacity-building workshop coupled with 25 members which cut across auxiliary bodies in the Jama’at.


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