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Apata Dil’a holds Send-forth for graduating Khuddam


To appreciate their selfless contributions and commitments towards Majlis activities, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata Dil’a has held a befitting send-forth party for 8 graduating Khuddam on 14thyu May, 2017.

The graduating Khuddam include: Bro Taofeek Hadi, Alh. Muhydeen Raheem, Bro Sodiru Akewugberu, Bro Moshood Abidoye, Bro Kamil Omitogun, Bro Musbaudeen Akinlade and Alh. Muftau Abdus Salam.

With pomp and pageantry, the event was held to signpost their efforts as standards and to encourage the younger ones, still in the Majlis, not to relent in their efforts to contribute their quotas towards the spread of Islam.

In his lecture titled: “The Blessings of Selfless Service in the Cause of Allah”, Barrister Asmowiyy Raji explained that no one has ever suffered a loss by serving Allah selflessly, urging everyone to forge ahead and continue to serve without looking back. After this, Certificate of meritorious service and Awards were presented to the graduands who were appreciative of the gesture by Majlis khuddam and promised to double their efforts.

On behalf of the graduands, Bro Taofeek Hadi, former Dil’a Qaid was full of praises to Allah for a successful tenure. He appreciated the prayers of the Khalifatul Masih (V) atba, the Amir AMJN, his wife and all the stakeholders in the Jama’at for their supports.



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