Home Atfal IVC/Ijtema: Kogi Ilaqa summounts odds to organize programme

IVC/Ijtema: Kogi Ilaqa summounts odds to organize programme

IVC/Ijtema: Kogi Ilaqa summounts odds to organize programme
IVC/Ijtema: Kogi Ilaqa summounts odds to organize programme

Having confronted with internal and external challenges prior to the programme, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Kogi Ilaqa has organized the Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) and Ijtema for Atfal and Nasrat at Ayegunle Gbede with gratitude to Almighty Allah.

The children, numbered 71, engaged in some educational and sporting activities to test their understanding of the programmes. Meanwhile, the procession was done throughout the town of Ayegunle Gbede where Jama’at had been established since 1944, while the excursion was made to the MTN Solar-Empowered Program established in the community.

The symposium, chaired by the former President, Pa Salman Tahir, was graced by eminent personalities such as the Reagent of the Community, Vice Chairman of Local Government, Bro Abubakar, President, Ayegunle Gbede, Alhaji Omakain, Coordinators from Lagos, Bro. Abdul Hakeem Akintobi representing MKAN and Mrs Halimah Adepoju representing Lajna Imaillah, Nigeria and Ansar-ud-Deen female wing, among others. The paper presentation for the theme of the Symposium was done by Missionary Rahman from Ayetoro Gbede.

In order to re-awaken the spirit of Tabligh, create in the children the spirit of sacrifice exhibited by our fathers and mothers and their contributions to the establishment Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Ayegunle Gbede since 1944, the children paid courtesy visit to some of the old members who are still alive. This is community where the Naib Amir North, Dr. Y.A. Habeeb was born. Those visited prayed for the children and Majlis and they also prayed for those who requested for prayers.

During the closing ceremony, 12 Nasrat graduated to Lajna Imaillah while 4 Atfal graduated to Khuddam. The State Qaid led the MKAN pledge for the newly admitted Majlis Atfal to Khuddam while District IX Sadr, Lajna Imaillah admitted them to the mothers’ fold. They were advised to still continue to support their handlers so that they can also serve as handlers in their respective domain. By the instruction of Chairman IOC, they were advised to write to Hudhur Anwar for the new beginning in their various Majalis and also charge them to pay August Chanda Am/Majlis.

All the participants were given Certificate of Participation while Certificate of Merit was given to 15 outstanding students each from Atfal and Nasirat.

Meanwhile, having realized the problems faced in organizing the event, the Coordinators, Bro. Akintobi and Mrs Adepoju commissioned a standing committee after seeking permission from their Sadran. The composition of the committee includes State Qaid, District Sadr, Nasrat Secretary, Nazim Atfal, Missionaries from both Circuits, Kogi and Igala and some elders.

The attendance for the programme includes 10 Lajna, 9 Khuddam, 31 Atfal and 40 Nasrat.


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