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Lagos rides for peace with 73 cyclists, 170 members

Lagos rides for peace with 73 cyclists, 170 members
Lagos rides for peace with 73 cyclists, 170 members

To promote peace and religious tolerance, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lagos Ilaqa has joined other states to hold its ‘Ride for Peace’ recently with 73 cyclists and participation of 170 Majlis members.

The exercise, declared open by Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria, Dr Mashhud Adenrele Fashola, ably represented by the General Secretary, Alh. Abbas Iromini, lasted for about 2hr 15mins with distance of 12.5 km covered.

According to the State Qaid, Bro Shuaib Badmus,170 participants were recorded for the exercise with 60 riders who are members of the Majlis Khuddam and 3 Ansarullah and 10 expert riders who rode through Rowe Park, Yaba, through Akoka Road, Fola-Agoro Bus Stop, Morrocco Bus Stop, Jibowu and Muritala Muhammad Way back to Rowe Park.

The event also serves as a Tabligh as members distributed 500 copies of Review of Religions and 1200 pamphlets of “Loyalty Freedom, Equality, Respect and Peace”.

The presence of LASTMA Officials, Nigerian Police and Ahmadiyya Hospital, Ojokoro Medical Team also adds glamour to the event as they ensure safety and security of the riders and the participants.

While answering questions from MTA correspondent, Alhaji Iromini said there is need to ensure peace reigns in our societies in that it is everyone’s responsibility.

He mentioned the visit of the Amir Sahib to the Executive Governor of Ondo State, where the Governor called on his commissioners to come and listen to the Amir sahib. The Amir’s speech at the visit

changed the Governor’s and some of his commissioners’ thoughts and beliefs on what Islam is perceived to be as against peace.

The Naib Sadr, South West, Dr Sanni Taofeek, who represented the Sadr

MKAN, explained that the exercise is a yearly event that the leadership of Majlis has earmarked to promote peace and serve as a form of Tabligh. As a medical doctor, he explained the positive impact bicycle riding has on health and total well-being.

He advised youths to use their strength and energy to do things that impact positively on societies while expressing the belief that every serious Majlis member will find it difficult to engage himself in frivolities as the Jama’at is always engaging the youth and its entire members with programmes to develop their well-being and spiritual lives.

In his remarks, Bro Badmus explained that as Muslims, we have two responsibilities: to the Creator and to fellow beings, saying that we should fulfil the purpose of creation and not fail in dealing with people in a peaceful manner.

Reported by Raqeeb Akinyemi


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