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Omi-Adio holds Public Lecture at Olodo Community


The need to focus more on spreading the message of the true Islam to the rural communities prompts Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi-Adio Dil’a to take its public lecture to Olodo Town of Odeda Local Government, Ogun State on Saturday 6th January 2018 in front of Olu of Olodo’s Palace.

The lecture, which topic was “the Beauty of Islam” delivered by Ustadh Apooyin AbdHafeez, was well attended by members of Majlis Khuddam, other auxiliary bodies and non-Ahmadis.

Question and answer session was held and Ahmadiyya tracts were distributed. However,  some of the contacts established through the public lecture will help the Jama’at Tabligh activities in the near future.

Sixty-nine (69) Majlis Khuddam, three (3) Ansarullah members, five (5) Lajna members, eleven (11) Majlis Atfal, seven (7) Nasrat-ul-Ahmadiyya and six (6) non-Ahmadis attended the lecture.


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