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Stop the Crime: Kwara State sensitizes over 800 students, 72 Staff members


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Kwara Ilaqa has sensitized more than 800 students of University of Ilorin Secondary School, Agbo-Oba, Ilorin and 72 members of the Staff to eschew crime and criminal activities in order to live fulfilled lives during its Stop the crime campaign held on 9th March, 2018.

Having been introduced by the School Counsellor, Mrs H.O. Fowora, the Majlis represented by Bro Sherifdeen Oladejo addressed the students on the assembly ground on the dangers of crime. Fliers were distributed to both students and staff members.

It was discovered that some staff members engaged Majlis team behind the scene to know more about Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, hence, adequate answers were provided.

The School Principal acknowledged the Majlis’ presence, presentation and well planned programme by sharing her thoughts while showing appreciation for choosing her school for the wonderful campaign. Meanwhile, in her words, the School Counsellor assured that the school would invite the majlis by next term for further Sensitization.

The effect of the visit was immediately felt within the school premises and its environs. The habitants of Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, are known for their hatred towards the jamaat, but our visit to the school has illuminated the heart of so many concerning the Jama’at; it also changed the orientation of some of the students in carrying out their duties as Muslims.

Also, the location of the school is where the Kwara Circuit President resides and positive comments were made to him based on our programme.

(By Shakur Abdssalam)



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