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Headteacher commends Edo/Delta Majlis as pupils sensitized on crime


The Head Teacher of King David Academy Oha, Delta State has commended the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Edo/Delta State for sensitising his pupils on consequences of crime, expressing his love for the way points were well marshaled out to the pupils and how the explanations were brought down to their level.

He also requested from Majlis to make the programme a yearly event in his school; he was glad that a Muslim Organization is carrying out actions to reduce crime in the society.

The event, held on 9th March, 2018 at Oha, a village near Warri and lasted for three hours, had the presence of 30 pupils and four teachers during the presentation.

Instruction materials used for the students were hand fliers and PowerPoint presentation.

After the presentation, a student asked questions on how they can improve their environment as they are young and probably has no seat at the decision-making table. Another student asked how he could help stop the elders to shun crime and violence. A girl also asked for the best thing to do when around strangers. The last question was from a boy who asked if there is anything they could do to help their parents in this tough time.

The students were well enlightened on the types of crimes in the society, how to stay away from them and how to help change those committing crimes in the society. They were all attentive and responsive during the presentation. The teachers, just like their students, were very surprised to see a Muslim Organization doing a very good work and putting in all their efforts to campaign against crime.

Students were given flyers to read and take home to their parents. There was emphasis on showing their parents the section of the flyers that talked about the role of their parents.

(By Nurullah Matepo)


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