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STCC: Abuja Ilaqa orientates 200 JSS Students


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Abuja Ilaqa has orientated not less than 200 Junior Secondary School Students, Bako, Kwali Area Council, FCT, Abuja on 8th March, 2018.

Abuja Majlis was highly welcomed by the Vice Principal (Administration). The public enlightenment couldn’t capture the whole students because of the low capacity of hall. Due to this restriction, only the JSS 3 students were on attendance.

The seminar was facilitated by the State Qaid, Bro Muhammed Muftaudeen. The slide for presentation was projected to the wall through the use of projector. The students were educated on the definition of crime, type common crime and ways to shun crime.

The students and school management found the program fascinating as the students were evaluated with the following questions: definition of crime; mention common crime; list ways on how to shun crime and what is your dream?

Br. Ajimoti Mujeeb added that they should dress well all the time to avoid molestation or rape, saying that good thing is kept hidden.

The V.P. appreciated the initiative as Jama’at Literature “World Crises, a print out of the slide and apple fruits were presented to the school.

(By Miftau Muhammed)



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