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Jami’a Locality holds Stop the Crime Campaign, Atfal Camp


To dissuade the students from falling victims of crime and criminal activities, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Jami’a Muqami has held its stop the crime campaign at Modrasat Tahfizul Quran, Jami’a Ilaro, Ogun State on 6th April, 2018.

The programme was graced by Qaid, Ilaro Dila, Bro Asuni Ishaq ably represented by Bro Lukman Adegbola, Nazeem Umumi, Bro Abdul Fatah Adeyemi and the State Naib Nazim Ta’leem, Bro Adewara Monsur.

Bro Monsur Adewara, who facilitated the programme, admonished the students to make up their mind against involving in crime and act fast in their Qur’an Memorization. He said they should change their ways for better, quoting a verse of the Qur’an saying: “Almighty Allah will never change the condition of the people until they change what is their hearts.”

He explained what crime is and its kinds. According to him, crimes are of many kinds, such as crimes at home, at school, at different hostels and the community itself. The students should stop all forms of crime at all level because they are all criminal activities.

He put it to the students: “You are all Hufaaz and you shouldn’t have the mindset of perpetuating these acts because once you try it, it’s impossible to stop it. Avoid bad gangs so as not to ruin your future. You must try and suffer because without suffering, you cannot be rich.”

Qaid Jamia Muqami


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