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House-to-House Preaching: AMSA visits 22 homes, invites 59


By Edo/Delta Ishaat Team

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, Al-Falah Unit visited 22 homes and talked to 59 people during its house-to-house preaching held on 7th April, 2018 at Azukhala Area of Ekperi Village, Edo state.

According to the organizer, the people of the area are not really versed in Islamic teachings. So, the preaching only comprises introduction to Islam to Christians and more lights on the teachings of  Islam to Muslims.

Meanwhile, some people expressed their opinion on the exercise. A Christian said they’ve been friends with Muslims but later on Muslims create the enmity by calling Christians non-believers. An elderly Muslim man said that youths need more preaching while an elderly Christian man said information should reach elders in the village about this preaching exercise next time AMSA wants to do so.

22 members participated in the Tabligh exercise.


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