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Pre-Ramadan Lecture: Okerube Locality admonishes Justice, Equity


By Lagos Isha’at Team

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Okerube Locality has admonished members of the Jama’at and public to embrace justice and equity in their dealings with others in the forthcoming Ramadan.

The admonition was given during the pre-Ramadan lecture held on 29th April, 2018.

Besides, the lecture, with the theme ‘Equity, Justice and Good Conscience’, emphasized on the benefits of being better Muslims by living the values of Islam in dealing with people according to the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

The Guest Lecturer, Bro. Adeyemi Ikheel, also emphasized that Nigeria as a nation has been endowed with abundant resources from human to various forms of natural resources.  The abundance of these resources (especially the human and the agricultural aspects) is such that, if they were to be properly exploited, harnessed and utilized by our leaders, Nigeria could have reached greater heights of development and progress.

The lecturer continued that one of the most glaring manifestations of corruption, social injustice and inequality in Nigeria is expressed in terms of income distribution and job opportunities among the Nigerian citizenry.  Added to this, is the discrimination that usually happens with regards to job opportunities such that, children of the ruling class, the aristocrats and the top bureaucrats stand better chances of getting employed, in the shortest possible times, and at the expense of all laid down procedures, than the children of the common man.

Similarly, they can secure better-paid jobs (white-collar jobs) than their counterparts.  This has engendered in an ugly difference in life styles and privileges, between some section of the society.

He added that Islam prohibits fraudulent behaviours against one another.  It enjoins that in our dealings with our friends, spouses and business partners, and or/with our leaders or followers as the case may be, we should guide against fraud.  Dealing with people equally, with justice and have good conscience to other people around us will surely be based on truthfulness, honesty and mutual trust which will surely guide our relationships.

In attendance are 10 Majlis Khuddam, 3 Ansarullah members, 12 Lajna members and 23 non-members.



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