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47 Khuddam attends Abuja Circuit Ramadan Lecture


By Miftau Muhammed

Not fewer than 47 members of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Abuja Ilaqa attended Abuja Circuit Ramadan Tafsir held on May 2018.

The programme, which fell on Ahmadiyya Khilafat Day celebration, had the presentations of three lecturers. The first lecturer, Barr. Muhammad Bashir Badr, spoke on “The Importance of Khilafat in Islam” with reference to Qur’an 24:56.

Quoting the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (saw), Badr explained that prophecy of Khilafat institution after 30 years before the appearance of tyrant leaders, has been fulfilled and later Khilafat would once be re-established.

The second speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Yaqub, spoke on “The Good, Bad and Ugly Use of Drugs”. He said that abuse of drugs like cocaine and codeine is common these days among students especially.

He urged parents to be watchful and careful as some of them used to cook indomie. He observed that so many kind of things are being packed and smoked even in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the third speaker, Alhaji Olatundun Bunyamin delivered lecture on “Building Resilient Relationship in Marriage”. He started by defining what a home is. Home means woman or man. The builders of the home are parents of the spouse. The husband is the director while the wife is the manager of the home.

He stressed that we should avoid misleading ourselves in marriage, realizing that women are a favour to the family. The consequence of a hard-hearted husband leads to unhappy home and a broken family. All husbands should care for their wives as exemplified by the Prophet. All wives should be submissive at all time for their husbands. He admonished us to show love for one another and be righteous in our actions. We must guide ourselves against fire and strive for paradise. Baba used a lot of illustration with reference to the Qur’an, Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and experience.


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