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Benin Jama’at Iftar: Khuddam play key roles


By Islam Mustapha

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Benin had played key roles towards ensuring smooth planning and execution of Iftar (Ramadan Dinner) organised by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Benin on 14th June, 2018 at the Central Mosque.

The Iftar, the third of its kind, was planned for the purpose of creating the spirit of brotherhood between Muslims and non-Muslims in their neighbourhood.

The Majlis worked in the areas of security, arrangement of seats, cooking, welcoming of guests and serving of the guests.

The programme had the attendance of over 100 people from around the community, notable elders of the community and members of different faith, thereby creating synergy on the roles Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is playing towards ensuring a peaceful environment and tolerance irrespective of individual and religious differences.