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AMSA Oyo State holds 4-day Tabligh Seminar


To orientate its members on the significance of Tabligh (Preaching) on the advent of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (as), Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, Oyo State has held a 4-day knowledge-ridden Tabligh Seminar recently.

The highlight of the event include: Lectures, Qur’an Memorisation, Admonitions, House-to-House Preaching, General Sanitation and Sports Activities, among others.

Delivering a lecture on What is Ahmadiyya, Missionary Tiamiyy explained extensively on what Ahmadiyya means, saying that Ahmadiyya means follower of Ahmad, and Ahmad is Prophet Muhammad (saw) not Ghulam Ahmad. He explained why other Muslims called us Kafir and he gave pieces of evidence to dispute all their accusations against the noble Jama’at.

Admonishing the attendees, Hafiz Abdus Salam Adepoju explained how a man will undertake the marriage processes. Contrarily, he said that dating in Islam is different from what men do these days. His words: “If you want to date a lady in the Jama’at, you must follow the right link not conversation between opposing sex in solitude and you should not date except when you are ready for marriage.

In the same vein, Alhaji Daramola also admonished the participants that they remember the sons/daughters of whom they are; face their studies squarely; eschew all sinful behaviours; be distinctive and obedient. He also stressed the need to search for knowledge and be fully competent in their areas of specializations, quoting an hadith that “The Prophet said we should seek for knowledge even if we are to go China.”

Muallim Abdul Lateef Adelegan delivered a lecture on Khataman Nabiyyeen with lot of references from Qur’an, Hadith and scholars’ works, just as Muallim Apooyin Sahib delivered a thought-provoking lecture on “Terrorism Was Never Justified By Islam”.

Also, a public lecture was delivered by Hafiz Alaka AbdRofeeq on the topic “Promised Messiah: the Arbiter for all Religions”.

AMSA Tabligh Class was held on the Death of Jesus Christ, anchored by Maulvi Mubarak Bello.

He commenced with a reflective lecture concerning the basic and philosophy behind the death of Jesus Christ (as), the belief of christian scholars and also which also appears to some Islamic scholars till date. While some of them believe that he died on the cross, some believe that the Jews mistook him to someone else, in short, that Allah raised him to himself bodily. Maulvi Bello Mubarak then presented some verses of the Holy Quran where Allah enunciates it clearly to refute these beliefs. [Q.4vs160; Q.3vs156; Q.5vs15; Q.5vs65; Q.5vs117]. He also emphasized where Allah clarifies it in the only Quran, that is how He provided refuge for Jesus Christ and his mother, Hadrat Mariam (ra) [Q.23vs51].

Moreso, House to house preaching was held in which the volunteers roamed Monatan Streets to preach Islam to people generally.

The attendance for the programme was 37 Male, 66 Female and 2 non-Ahmadi.

By Abass A. Adebayo


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