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AMSA organizes Ramadan Lecture, Iftar


By Habeeb Onifade

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) has organized Ramadan lecture and Iftar to orientate members and non-members on way to attain God’s righteousness.

The lecturer, Ustadh Waliyullah Alabi who spoke on Tafseer of Suratul Faatiha, said the chapter according to a poem by Hadhrat Ali (ra) is worth reciting in the morning, afternoon, night and very often; and that the chapter is enough for seeking Allah’s help on all endeavours and needs of man in this sojourn.

He continued that the chapter is categorized into two basic purpose: the first part is meant to praise Allah (verses 1-4), while the second part speaks about worship (verses 5-7) as each verse is linked to another, explaining the attributes of Allah in relation to our worship.

A question and answer session also took place, after which the Iftar (feast) was held.

60 people attended the lecture comprising over 40 AMSA members and non-members.


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