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Clarion Call: Naib Sadr (North) tours Nassarawa District


By Ahmad Badamosi

As part of his call to ensure effective and efficient administration at District and Local levels, Naib Sadr (North), Bro Ahmad Badamosi, has embarked on a-day tour to Nassarawa District recently in company of State Qaid, Bro Miftau Muhammad.

22 Khuddam were in attendance from Onda and Nassarawa Localities while Umasha and Ara Localities were not represented.

According to the reports, they expressed happiness and called for more visitation from the Mulk while agreeing that the next Ilaqa meenting should be held in Nassarawa District. Also, the Regional Mulk Meeting, coming up in July, would take place in Nassarawa, which they also expressed joy for this decision.

The following morning, a quick visit was made to Onda muqami members. The place is about 1 hour 40 minutes to and from Nassarawa Muqami. Nasarrawa Muqami is central to other Muqameen.

According to NS North, the last Northern Regional Meeting was also held at Azare, Bauchi State. This was attended in larger number by local members and Khuddam. Both the members of the Jama’at and Khuddam were around to welcome us. Members of the Jama’at and Circuit Missionary, Mallam Ayuba Muhammad, all expressed their happiness for our visitation.

In his speech, Mallam Ayuba pleaded with Mulk to make regular visits to Azare, saying that we have members of Jama’at in about 104 communities with total membership of about 120,000. Continuing, he said out of this, we have approximately about 60,000 Khuddam which make up this entire population.

Responding, NS North promised that the Mulk would take it as a responsibility to be visiting them regularly.



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