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AMSA PolyIbadan holds 6-day APW amid various events


By Abass Adebayo

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, the Polytechnic, Ibadan Unit has held a 6-day Annual Propagation Week between 7th and 21st July, 2018 with the theme “Curbing Moral Decadence in our Society” amidst significant events.

The programme featured events such as sports and education, excursion, welfare visitation, humanitarian service, tree planting, public lecture, road procession and symposium.

Apparently, Qur’an and Quiz competition was held for Atfal and Nasrat in Coca-Cola District. 7 Atfal and Nasrat each were present at the event.

As part of the APW programme, the Association carried out a humanitarian service by clearing the bush within Coca-Cola Mosque environment as the work was undertaken by 6 AMSA members and a Khadim in two hours.

Also, it held sporting events such as 100m, 200m, concentration race and dart at the South Campus, Main Field, which was participated by 21 members. Moreso, an examination on the book ‘Murder in the Name of Allah’ and Qur’an competition were done. The exercise, coordinated by Coca-Cola Circuit Missionary, Muallim Abdul Fatah Tijani, has participated by 22 members.

Other highlights of the event include the excursion to Erin Ijesha Waterfall, undertaken by 19 members and welfare visitation to Oluyole Chesire Home (Less-privileged home) with donation. Simultaneously, five trees were planted at the compound to promote the greeny environment.

In his speech, the Unit President, Bro Abdul Wajud Badmus, condemned discrimination of the disables, while encouraging the children to face their studies and avoid limiting the ability. 12 members participated in the exercise.

Other event includes a public lecture held at Ahmadiyya Mosque, Sango Police Barracks.

Ustadh AbdulAzeez Hafeez Apooyin, who delivered the lecture on the topic ‘Ahmadiyya: the Voice of Truth’, quoting some verses of the Holy Qur’an, said that there would come a time the world will be misguided, which will necessitate the needs for the truth(The Reformer).

Apooyin reiterated that the true Khilafat exists in Ahmadiyya Muslim Community today, which, according to him, proofs that Ahmadiyya is the voice of the truth.

43 people attended the lecture: 20 male members, 4 Khuddam, 18 female members and a Lajna member.

Meanwhile, on 21st July, 2018, road procession, symposium and Rishtanata seminar were held consecutively.

The procession, which covered 1.8 km, started from Ahmadiyya Mosque, Sango, to Ajibade Area (GTB), down to Coca-Cola, through the Polytechnic Ibadan Main Gate, then, back to Ahmadiyya Mosque, Sango Police Barracks.

The exercise, which was guided by four police officers and a uniformed  Khadim, took I hour 30 minutes and undertook by 29 members. Pamphlets were also distributed to people.

The symposium featured two lectures delivered by Missionary Fatir Abdul-Salam and Missionary Muideen Lanlokun on the topics ‘Impact of Youths in Today’s Society’ and ‘Purification of Soul through Perfect Modesty’ respectively.

Abdul Salam highlighted the challenges causing moral decadence as selfishness, lack of education, poverty, indiscipline, lack of making decision, pursuing irrelevant things, lack of integrity, lack of morality (violence, Fraud, etc.) and laziness in prayer, while Lanlokun, quoting some portions of Qur’an, explained that everybody has control over his/her soul; he rather purifies it or corrupts it. He who purifies his soul is indeed fortunate.

For the first time, the Unit presented gifts to the winners, Atfal, Nasrat and members who performed creditably well in various competitions

Also, Rishtanata, which focused on the etiquette of Choosing the right spouse, was held and coordinated by District Officers and Lajna member with 55 people in attendance.


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