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WED: Lagos State plants trees in two schools


By Asheer AbdulGafar

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lagos State has planted different trees in Ajuwon High School and Zumratul Islamiyat Primary School to commemorate this year’s World Environmental Day.

Besides, the Majlis team, numbered 11, educated the students about the significance of planting trees and nurturing trees in the environment.


At Ajuwon High School, the children, who gathered on assembly ground, were addressed by State Qaid’s Representative, Bro. Ibrahim Okubena who gave a brief talk about importance of planting and nurturing trees in our environments. The children were so happy and it was much obvious that they gained one or two lessons from the talk.

The Majlis members were later led by the Agricultural Science Teachers, Mrs Adedayo A.O and Mr James Michael to the school’s farm where Bro. Okubena planted Avocado tree as Sugar Date tree was planted by an Agricultural Teacher, Mrs Adebayo A.O.

The tree planting exercise continued at Zumratul Islamiyat Primary School, where Tangerine Tree was planted at the school.

It was evident from the comments made by the School Principals that the tree planting exercise was a good act towards community development and contribution towards healthy living in the society.


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