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#AhmadiKids2018 Ijtema/IVC – Day 2


By Mikail Sulaiman

As a tradition of the Jama’at in all organized functions, the children were awoken for Tahajud, Fajr prayers respectively. The Atfal-ul Ahmadiyya, marched orderly and hastily to the classrooms after proper sanitation and served breakfast. The classes were arranged according to age groups. There is VIP section-for children below the age of seven, the Group 1 – for children above seven and not more than ten, the Group 2 – for children above ten but not more than 13, and the final section, the group 3-for children between 13 and 15 years old.

7th of August, day 2 of the convention marked the beginning of sporting activities preliminaries for indoor games like Scrabble, Dart, Table Tennis and field events like athletics, and football.

But it is the latter, football, that brought the crowd to their feet, as the hosting state, Oyo Ilaqa, humbled Abuja from Northern Region with unreturned four scintillating goals. And it was in this match that we all witnessed love, affection and passion, as the Abuja football team embraced their opponent and took a group photograph with them despite the defeat. According to the captain of the Abuja team, “this match is not about who win or lose, it’s about love…and fun”.

And indeed, as in all Ijtema competitions, no conqueror, no vanquished.

Watch out for Day 3 updates and other competition results.

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