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After Allah saved Yakub’s life…


By Raqeeb Akinyemi

It is one of the attributes of Allah (SWT) to return life after death. This was the case of Bro. Yakub Ishola of Robiyan Muqam, Agege Dil’a, Lagos State.

Bro. Yakub had a fatal train accident on 7th November, 2015 on the railway line at Agege while returning home from work.

He was in the state of coma and completely lost his consciousness for 14days,  but Allah (SWT) resuscitated him with His might.

For some months, he could not recognise a number of people whom he has always related with before the awful incident.

For certain, Allah (SWT) gives life and restored him fully after a lot medical and financial support from members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Some of the players here are the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Lagos State, Agege Dil’a, Robiyan Muqam and of course Agege Circuit.

Bro. Yakub, after his recovery, had a training on shoe making. With the help of Allah, Agege Circuit and members of Robiyan Jama’at  sponsored him to learn this skill.

Bro. Yakub graduated from his apprenticeship on Saturday 8th September, 2018. The sponsors had helped to get all tools needed to start work immediately, including a kiosk.

Bro. Yakub is an active member of the Majlis Khuddam and Robiyan Jama’at. He was very active back days in school under the umbrella of Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree where he bagged HND in Banking and Finance.

We therefore thank Allah (SWT) for this great opportunity he gave our brother to live and worship Him more.

While we thank all players who are continually contributing towards ensuring the bond of brotherhood, more is still required as he is still advised to take some drugs to ensure a sound health.

We pray that Allah (swt) blesses Bro. Yakub’s handwork and we seek His divine protection at all times over all members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.



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