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Apata District organises public lecture at NNPC


By Awwal Onaade

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata District has organized its monthly public lecture at NNPC Junction, Apata in August, 2018.

In the lecture titled “Salat in the Bible”, the lecturer, Alh Afeez Apooyin, enlightened the Jama’at members, community members and passers-by on several verses in the bible which supported the Muslims’ prayer injunctions.

In addition, Apata Circuit Missionary, Missionary Dhunurain Bello and Muallim Obaditan also contributed on the discussion.

The lecture, despite being held at a very busy area of NNPC and lasted for more than two hours, witnessed crowd. They were lots of questions from passers-by and were answered adequately, while amazing that the Bible also talked about ablution and Salat.


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