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Ilaro District holds 3-day Workshop


By AbdurRahman Idowu

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ilaro Dila has held its workshop at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Mosque, Leslie, Ilaro between 31st August and 2nd September, 2018.

The programme commenced with a formal opening ceremony and chaired by the Dila Qaid, Bro Ishaq Asuni with other dignitaries. Along the line was the Ta’lim/Tarbiyyah anchored by the Nazim Tabligh, Missionary Munir Ahmad who laid emphasis on the correct pronunciation of the prayer after Adhan.

To create a healthy competition, members were divided and moved to various groups: Nasirudeen group, Bashirudeen group, Tahir group, Nasir group and Masroor group.

Other programmes members attended include:  ICT anchored by the Nazim Isha’at, Bro. Olowonmi Fadlullah on the topic ‘Microsoft Word’, a lecture by Miss. Haroon Idowu, the Circuit Missionary on the topic ‘Continuity in the Way of Allah’ and March Past Drills coordinated by the Nazim Umumi, Bro Abdul Fatah Adeyemi while the Dil’a Qaid and the Naib State Qaid Ogun Ilaqa Bro Jabbar Ayelaagbe were present.

Other highlight of the Workshop was the driving skill (Motor and Bike) where 20 Khuddam participated in the exercise. Members were allowed to drive as a trial so as to practise what they had been taught theoretically and were given chance to drive themselves and with the help of Allah the Almighty, some members were able to make it up despite the fact that it was strange to them.

A Rishtanatah programme on ‘Family: How to Cope’ was anchored by Missionary Haroon Idowu, where he stressed that every husband should have faith in Almighty Allah first before anything else and be patient in adopting a diplomatic pattern with one’s wife at home.

According to him, members should be prayerful and be ready to face any problem or sort of misunderstanding between their wives.

Members were grouped into three categories: age 25 and above, age 20-24 and age 15-19. However, Members between the age of 25 and above were chastised for not having someone they had planned to marry by now and by having the intention of marrying non Ahmadi or Christian.

Miss. Haroon added that members  should seek for guidance from Allah by offering Istikhara Prayer before choosing a spouse.

Bro. Ikumapayi Taofeeq from Tahir Group presented a speech on the topic ‘Proper Upbringing of Muslim Child’. Bro. Ajuwon Warith from Nasir Group presented a speech on the topic ‘Promoting Economic Growth’. Bro. Olabode Rofeeq from Bashirudeen Group presented a speech on the topic ‘Propagating Islam in the Neighborhood’.

Bro. Tijani Abdullah from Nurudeen Group presented a speech on the topic ‘Solution to World Peace’.

Bro. Hassan Balogun from Masroor Group presented a speech on the topic ‘Responsible Parenthood’.

The result for the performance of each group was disclosed: Nasir Group emerged 3rd position with 65pts; Nurudeen Group became 2nd position with 69pts while

Bashirudeen Group emerged 1st with position 89pts.


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