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AMSA Oyo State holds 3-day APW


By Abass Adebayo

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA), Oyo State has held its 3-day Annual Propagation Week (APW) between 13th and 16th September, 2018.

The programme, which was hosted by the Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saaki, had the theme “Lazy Nigerian Youth: Fact or Fiction”.

The members were exposed to various educational and sports events coupled with lectures, seminars and symposium. They participated in scrabble, dart, arm wrestling, concentration race, 100m, 200m and football.

Missionary Ojoye, while addressing students on marital issues, emphasized on the criteria to be considered while choosing a partner. He said most brothers are much concerned about facial appearances of sisters. He then urged that they should also give more priority to health status, that is, both parties should know their genotype and blood group before going into lengthy or deep relationship.

Besides, a public lecture was also organized at Sango Junction, Saaki and was graced by Oke-Ogun Circuit President, Pa. Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Azeez, Circuit Tabligh Secretary, Bro Teslim Ibusokanleko, Missionary Ahmad Adebimbe from Saaki Jama’at and Missionary Ojoye.

The lecture, delivered by Missionary Abdul-Fatih Abdul-Salaam, had the topic “Mending the Broken Ethnic Relationship: the Role of Patriotic Youths.” Missionary Abd Salaam said the youth constitutes approximately 70% of the estimated 200 million plus strong population (195,875,237) in Nigeria.

According to him, the impact of youth in any society in the world could not be over-emphasized. Youth being the power house or engine room of any society be it small or large has an active role to play when it comes to development of such society. The belief that youths are not capable of assuming leadership positions in the society is baseless and nothing but fallacy as proven by so many historical facts.

He also mentioned the challenges facing the Nigerian youths as include: selfishness, lack of education, poverty, unemployment, marginalization, exclusion in the political world and diseases such as, HIV-AIDS, STDs, etc, while the solutions and recommendations were as follows: government should create an environment that allows citizens to voice their views online; youth should play active roles during election; youth empowerment/ employment; government should give youths some chance; integrity and morality should be youths’ watchword.

A total of 131 members, 10 Ansarullah, 9 Lajna, 14 Atfal and 10 Nasra attended the lecture.

The symposium, held at Ansar-ud-Deen Comprehensive School, was graced by dignitaries in the Jama’at. It had two lectures delivered by erudite speakers. The first lecture was delivered by Barr. Raji Ashimowiy on “Lazy Nigerian Youth: Fact or Fiction” while the second lecture was delivered by the representative of Alh. (Missionary) Muhammad-Waiz Apooyin, Missionary Ahmad Adebiyi from Saaki Jama’at on the topic “Not Too Young to Rule Bill: Catalyst for the Liberation of the Economy and Virtual Development.”

In both lectures, the problems facing the contemporary Nigerian youths were summarised as: illiteracy-which of course is a disease, lack of morals, poor decision making skills and pursuing of vain desires, while they were urged to: “show their distinctive high standard of moralities and integrity, while ensuring their impact in the society with good influence. They should never forget to be the flag-bearers of the truth; they should be hardworking and prayerful.

218 people attended the symposium.

To encourage academic prowess, prizes were presented to the secondary school students who came distinctive in the Masroor Mathematics Competition organized by AMSA Oyo State Chapter.

Prizes were also distributed to AMSA members who performed well at the various events. The BEST unit award was presented to AMSA The Polytechnic Ibadan; while the recognition award for the BEST State Executive was presented to Bro. Abass Adebayo, the AMSA Oyo State P.R.O.1, from The Polytechnic Ibadan and the BEST AMSA member award to Bro. Shoboyede Nurur-Raheem, also from The Polytechnic Ibadan unit.



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