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Naib Sadr, Mulk Officers attend Remo District Workshop


By AbdulAzeez Qazeem

Naib Sadr (SouthWest), Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Dr Taofeeq Sanni, Muhtamin Ta’lim, Bro Taofeek Oladiti and Muhtamin Sehat Jismani, Dr Abdul Azeez Alli have attended MKA Remo Dil’a Workshop held on 30th September, 2018 at Sagamu Central Mosque.

The workshop tagged ‘Achieving Good in both Worlds’, meant to educate and enlighten members on economic and spiritual development, was attended by not less than 38 members.

The dignitaries present include: Sagamu Jama’at President, Dr. Adeko Faizal; Ogijo Jama’at President, Alhaj B. Bakare; Missionary Idris Bisiriyu; Missionary Abumu Ma’ruf; Missionary Oladipupo AbdusSalam; Missionary Ghazal Ibrahim and Bro. Qasim Oshota.

Others include Remo Lajna President, Mrs Gbadebo and State Qaid Representative, Bro. Muhammad Sodiq (Ijebu Dila Qaid), among others.


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