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AMSA Lagos State holds 1st Tabligh Workshop, Hijab Seminar


By Muhammad-ul-Awwal Afolayan

Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA), Lagos State Chapter has held its maiden Tabligh Workshop and Hijab Seminar at Ahmadiyya Mosque Shomolu between 6th and 7th October, 2018.

The tabligh workshop,  which used to be a national programme, was ordered by the National AMSA President, Hafiz AbdurRofeeq Alaka, to be replicated also in all states.

This year’s edition of AMSA Lagos workshop only focused on the basic tenets of the Jama’at. Scholars discussed various topics such as Death of Jesus, Truthfulness of the Claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Seal of Prophethood and Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and Gog and Magog at the event.

The tabligh workshop is a program designed to educate and inform AMSA members on the teachings of Islam generally and particularly the doctrines of Ahmadiyya Community.

AMSA members and non-members from different higher institutions in Lagos State  such as Lagos State University, YABA College of Technology, Lagos State Technology and Lagos State Polytechnic were all present at the workshop.

All attendees were given opportunity to ask questions which the lecturers were able to answer adequately.

In the same vein, the first of its kind in AMSA, Hijab Seminar, was organized and attended by the State Qaid, Bro. Shuaib Badmus and Lajna District Sadr, Mrs T. Fagbolade.

A keynote address was given by Hafiz Alaka on the theme ‘Hijab in Islam: Modesty, Humility, and Dignity’.

The lecturer, Ustadh Akinyemi, presented the Islamic perspective of hijab and particularly the Jama’at’s point of view. He said the major factor affecting the proper usage of Hijab within the Jama’at is materialism.

‘People are being carried away by the luxury of this world and to obey the commandments of Allah became difficult. Hijab is not only meant to cover the head but also to protect the users from moving near forbidden acts,’ he maintained.

The address was followed by a discussion session. The panelists of the day were Alhaja Shakirah Akinpelu and Mrs Babarinde while the moderator was Hafiz Alaka AbdurRoqeeb.


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