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 Welfare Programme: FCT Ilaqa visits elders


By Muhammed Muftaudeen

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Abuja has paid a visit to some Jama’at’s elders as part of its welfare programme on 27th October, 2018.

  The youths visited Dutse Jama’at President, Alhaji H. A. Ahmad, who went on a surgical operation a week before. The President was glad to see members in large number, while appreciating the youths for the visit and pray for Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya in general.

The team also went to Gwagwalada to visit Pa Yusuf AbdulRahman. He thanked the members for checking on him and advised the youths to be very patient and to adopt the habit of fulfilling their promises.

Pa Yusuf AbdulRahman furthered explained how he signed Bai’at. He narrated that a member from Modakeke in Kano advised him to join Ahmadiyya but he refused. Not until when he got to Abuja and rented a Jama’at house, Pa Imran Boladale. He said he became interested in the Jama’at owing to Pa Imran Boladale’s sincerity towards him that made him embrace Jama’at.

Asked about the challenges when he joined the Jama’at, he revealed that he was not well-to-do after joining Jama’at. He faced a lot of challenges but these haven’t in anyway reduced his firm love and faith for the Jama’at. The members presented him some fruits and prayed for his well-being.

Afterwards, the youths proceeded to Pa Imran Boladale’s house at Gwagwalada. He welcomed the Jama’at and his first comment was on uniform. He also talked about being active as a Khadim. He narrated how his parents were against his intention of becoming an Ahmadi Muslim.

He embraced Ahmadiyya through his friends, but his love for Jama’at was through the Omope family, Modakeke, Osun State whose behavior gave him the privilege of becoming a member.

He explained that he faced some challenges from his neighbours and friends while they argued about some certain issues in Islam. He said that they had a debate with a group called ‘Islamic redeemers’, while they agreed that anyone who couldn’t defend his faith will disclaim his Jama’at. But Insha Allah Islamic redeemers was no more again because he became victorious.



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