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Marriage Seminar: Ogun State counsels singles, married


By Mikail Sulaiman

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun State has counselled both the singles and married at a marriage seminar to adopt righteousness, fairness and simplicity in their marital affairs.

In a programme chaired by the Naib Sadr, SouthWest, Dr Taofeeq Sanni and anchored by both Ijebu and Ota District Heads.

Participants were divided into two, married and single. Ijebu Dil’a Qaid asked the singles of what they really needed for marriage. One of the members answered by explaining the kind of frustration ladies do give them, hence, members are scared of getting married in order not to face all these problems.

He continued by enlightening the members to be determined to have a good wife and stop postponing coupled with strong faith in Allah and a decent work that fetches even a stipend to feed the wife.

Ota Dila Qaid, in his speech, counselled married men to behave responsibly at homes. Then, he asked the married men, “how do you help your wives in the house?”

Five people responded that they help in fetching water, cooking whenever she’s still on bed, helping her in washing when the cloth are much and going for an errand for her.

Quoting the Prophet’s saying (saw) that “Nikah is his Sunnah and whosoever fails to follow his Sunnah is not of him”, he admonished the married that quarrel is a usual thing between husband and wife but the husbands should know how to settle the matter amicably with their wives.

Ota Dil’a Qaid highlighted the solution to the problem at home under the term “STEP”: Sleep together; Talk together; Eating together and Pray together.

In his contribution, Dr Sanni discouraged the participants from playing on the emotion of ladies and dating two or more women at a time.

According to him, intermingling, based on Jama’at’s principle, has been disallowed at various gathering. So, the students should be aware of this and shouldn’t take any illegal step against this.

He also added that appearance matters most for any youth that still looks forward to marry, while advising Ahmadi youths and students to avoid all bad habits.

The State Qaid, Bro Ibrahim Idris, concluded that all khuddam should avoid marrying outside the fold of Ahmadiyya and should be prayerful towards any step they want to take including marriage.



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