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Send-Forth: Coca-Cola District graduates 7 members


By Lateef Habeeb

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Coca-Cola District has graduated seven Khuddam into Ansaraullah during a ceremony held at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Mosque, Sango Police-Barracks, Ibadan, on 30th December, 2018.

The graduating Majlis Khuddam were: Bro. Atiba Sauban; Bro. Balogun Anif; Bro. Bakare Tajudeen; Bro. Yusuf Shakrullah; Bro. Ashafa Abdul Razaq;  Bro. Abdul Ganiy Abdullah and Bro. Hazmat Rasaq.

In his speech, the Dil’a Qaid, Bro. Taoheed Raji, urged the graduands to perform their possible best in discharging any duty given to them as Ansarullah.

He further stressed that the graduands were taught from Yassarnal to Qur’an stage at Khuddam level and urged the the Ansarullah body to complete the task for them so that they would be among those that would do Aminul Qur’an subsequently.

The Dil’a Qaid read the profiles of the graduands as their citations submitted by four graduands were read by Bro. Adeitan Ibrahim. This was followed by issuance of certificate to the graduands.

The Nazim Ansarullah, Pa Nasir Adeleke, gave a brief talk where he welcomed the graduating khuddam into their midst and made them understand that they have more task to perform at the Ansarullah stage.

He encouraged them to put more efforts than their previous stage and promised the Dil’a Qaid that those that are yet to complete their Qur’an will complete it and their names would be added into those Ansarullah members that would graduate from their Qur’an class in February 2019.

Meanwhile, two representatives of the graduands thanked Almighty Allah for taking them to another stage in life and beseeched Almighty Allah to grant them the wherewithal to end their tasks in this world with the most beautiful acts.



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