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Sagamu Locality holds Marriage Counselling


By Ma’ruf Gbadebo

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Sagamu Muqam has held its marriage counselling at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Olororo Ayegbami, Sagamu on 27th January, 2019.

The seminar, which lasted about 2 hours, was anchored by the Muqami Qaid, Bro Gbadebo Maruf with invited guest speakers such as Mr Odusanya A.O, Missionary Abdulsalam Oladipupo, Dr. Taofeek Sanni (Naib Sadr Southwest) and Bro Zikrullah Bashirdeen (Remo Dil’a Qaid).

The seminar was organized to educate and inspire members on marriage related issues while recording the attendance of 14 Khuddam, 3 Ansarullah, 5 Lajna, 6 Nasrat and 4 Atfal.

At the end of the lecture, questions were entertained and were answered by the guest to the satisfactions of the attendees.


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