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Ogun Ilaqa holds Public Lecture


Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun State has held a public lecture on February to sensitize people on their responsibilities at this electioneering period.

The lecturer, Ustadh Abdul Fattah Olaniyi spoke on “The Moral and Civil Responsibilities of an Ahmadi Muslim and Majlis members (Towards the Success of the 2019 Election in Nigeria).”

In his lecture, he explained in details why the youth must vote only for the love of Allah and the Holy Prophet.

Quoting the Hadith of the Prophet (saw) which says, “Love for one’s country is part of faith”, he urged each and every youth to love one country to the fullest and to vote for the right person.

Going into Governmental system of the Holy Qur’an, he enunciated how the Holy Prophet (saw) did his government which ran contrary to the ideas of the people, saying that the Prophet didn’t rule as a national head and all governmental system must be in accordance with the governmental system of the Holy Qur’an.

He quoted the Saying of Almighty Allah in the Holy Qur’an that “One must giveĀ  the trust to those that are entitled to it.” Explaining, he said the “Amanah” Almighty Allah was talking about is the voter’s card and every youth must use to vote and it’s a must for us to do the justice through the same card as doing injustice is against the saying of Almighty Allah and the commandment of the Holy Prophet (saw).

He advised the youths that are into politics to always do justice and not to break the trust people have in them.

He explained further that politics was not against the teachings of Islam but the ways we were doing it contravened the teachings of Islam as Almighty Allah is the decision maker and he has said a verse of the Holy Qur’an that says “They make plans and Allah does make plans too but Allah’s plans will surely triumph”.

Though people do organise meetings be it good or bad but Almighty Allah has His own plan which will surely triumph all other parties as Almighty Allah said that whenever he wanted to pass a decree on a thing, what He does to it is Be and it will surely Be.


Stating the duties of every youth on election day, he urged everyone to be careful and follow the teachings of Almighty Allah and the commandments of the Holy prophet by moving out to our various places to vote for the development and progress of our country.

As God Almighty commanded us to obey Him and His Messengers and other people in authority, he advised the youth to abide by the rules and regulations guiding voting processes so as no to trespass.

Furthermore, Abdul Fatah Olaniyi quoted the notable Hadith of the Holy Prophet (saw) which gave no regard for a person who requested a public post by himself without choosing him.

The Holy Prophet (saw) gave an absolute refutation of this and all members should all avoid it also.

He concluded by narrating his experience regarding politics which further explained that “Voting is a must for the betterment of our country”.

62 Khuddam, 5 Lajna, 3 Nasrat, 4 Atfal and 2 other people were present at the public lecture.



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