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Oyo State visits Media House, seeks partnership


By Mustapha AbdulHakeem

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Oyo State chapter has paid a courtesy visit to Space FM, Ibadan on 21st February, 2019 to seek its partnership.

The Majlis team led by State Qaid, Bro. Hussein Muftaudeen met with a team of Space FM led by the General Manager, Mr Deji Osibogun to discuss salient issues bothering on promoting peaceful coexistence and unity among members community and to create awareness of the organization’s aims and objectives.

Following this was the introduction of Majlis members by Isha’at Secretary, Bro. Animasaun AbdurRasheed while the GM introduced Ibiwumi Ishola, Head of Operation; Muftau Rafiu, Account Department and Richard Abiona, Personal Assistant to the GM.

In his opening speech, the State Qaid stated that the community we were was occupied mostly with news that were disheartening, a sign of the end time as foretold by the Holy Prophet (saw), whereas there still exists good, worthy, beneficiary and educative news in which each one of us could learn from.

He further reiterated that the community could benefit and learn a lot from the media as they bridged the gap between public and people.

Moreover, he stated that events that are beneficial to guide people aright on the western education and faith matters could as well be included in our daily or weekly programmes so that masses could benefit from them.

In his reply, General Manager commended the organization to have dimmed it fit to make such a visitation and further said that he would support 90 per cent of our request, while keying us in for Friday programmes (Ask PVC).

In addition, the State Qaid further explained that our society is faced with myriads of problem which has given birth to economic instability, religious and tribal sentiments, political aggression, nepotism and a host of other crimes. All these are surmountable if only we can revive our culture of sincerity, respect our good neighborliness and give right orientation to our younger ones.

He further said that the society can as well manage these problems, by getting involved in changing our society to a better place through humanitarian services. Thus, he mentioned an instance to the above which the organization performs as a contribution on our part to the development of our community. We hold after proper logical consideration that the only way to achieve complete unison among all Muslims on earth is through divine intervention (of course there being no other means), a single God-supported position (with proof) is found out of the differences existing in the Islamic database of jurisprudence.

He said that Ahmadis believe that, according to the prophecies of the Prophet, God-sent individual, the just-judge that will by divine aid re-unite the different sects of Islam as well as of all other religions through logical arguments has come with proofs, both logical and miraculous but many have rejected him. His legacy (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Worldwide) preaches freedom of religion and religious tolerance (Love for all and Hatred for none). Its adherents must live and let live as civilized humans. He even prohibits public demonstrations against the government, which in obedience Ahmadis do not take part in. Ahmadis firmly uphold the teaching of the Prophet of Islam that “the love of one’s nation is part of faith.”

Hence, we, in Nigeria, serve the country in various ways: Blood Donation, Ride For Peace, Enrolment in the Police Force and Army. Worthy of mention is a recent campaign by our youth arm tagged ‘Stop the Crime Campaign’ which entails education of secondary school students on the harms of all forms of crime and social vices.

Conclusively, Qaid presented some literatures written by the Promised Messiah (as) and his successors as the GM complemented these effort, stating that “feel free to work into office anytime; we’ll scale our support for you.”



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