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Ogun State holds historic Amila Meeting


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ogun Ilaqa has held an historic Amila Meeting at the newly-commissioned State Secretariat at Abeokuta on 16th March, 2019.

The meeting was presided over by Naib State Qaid (Admin), Bro Abdul Jabbar Ayelaagbe.

In his welcome address, he welcomed all members and appreciated the efforts gathered by individuals on the development of the state secretariat, while sending his kudos to District Qaideen for their great compromising efforts.

The acting newly-appointed Ipokia Dil’a Qaid was decorated by State Qaid, Bro Idris Ibrahim and Muhtamin Nazeem Atfal (South West). Prayer was also said for the development of the new Dil’a.

The State Qaid, in his closing remarks, mentioned that in order to be part of those representing circuit at the Shoora, all Majalis under the Jama’at must be positively active.

He added that the modality of talking and behaving to the elders must be corrected in a good manner.

At the end, he laid a great emphasis that Majalis are not really prayerful and are unmindful of Solat, saying it depicted that most Khuddam are not responsible. Hence, he urged all to turn over a new leaf.


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