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Osunjela, Idiroko Localities hold Waqar-e-Amal as Ota District donates blood to member


By Okunade Toyyib, Ibrahim Hassan & Bankole Lukman

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Osunjela and Idiroko Localities have held their Waqar-e-Amal (Dignity of Labour) programmes at Osunjela Jama’at proposed mosque site and Iyana Ago, Aferiku Road, Ogun State respectively.

Osunjela Locality, which held its Waqar-e-Amal on 10th March, 2019, spent nine hours to complete the task which involves the construction of the new mosque and levelling of the front side of the mosque to enable immediate use of the mosque for daily prayers.

┬áThe action was primarily spearheaded by the Majlis as a course of extending the tentacle of the Jama’at to the above named suburb.

In addition, the construction of the new mosque site, which was attended by 15 Khuddam and one Ansarullah, was embarked upon swiftly to make the mosque ready for use before the forthcoming Ramadan.

In a related development, Idiroko Muqam held its Dignity of Labour by using sand to fill potholes with a view to avoiding accidents on the road and easing passage and movement of people including goods and services.

The exercise, that lasted for five hours, was appreciated by passers-by and residents of the community.

In another development, Ota District has donated blood to a member at Holy Field Hospital, Pako Area, Sango Ota on 23rd March, 2019.

Under the humanity first programme and welfare scheme, the Majlis usually donates blood to Jama’at members as it’s its customs to donate blood to the fellow brothers and sisters who are seriously in need of blood, either Ahmadi or non-Ahmadi.


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