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New Plateau Qaid visits Bauchi Jama’at Elders, holds meeting


By Muhammad Olaleye

The newly appointed Plateau State Qaid, Bro Muhammad Olaleye has paid a courtesy visitation to Bauchi Jama’at elders on 24th March, 2019.

The Qaid also held meeting with the elders alongside State Nazim Ta’lim and Atfal, Missionary Musa AbdulMateen.

Durin the visitation, Bro Olaleye expressed his gratitude to Allah for giving him the opportunity to serve in this capacity with supports from Khuddam.

He also said he would need the supports of Ansarullah (Elders) spiritually, morally and financially in order to succeed in revitalizing the Ilaqa.

While informing the elders about the forthcoming mini Ijtema in Bauchi and soliciting their supports towards the upcoming National Ijtema holding in Lagos State, he said that the cooperation was sacrosanct as a result of the strategic and pivotal role of Khuddam within the Jama’at.

Finally, he gave his words to the elders that Insha Allah the majlis would henceforth be active and stand up to its responsibilities.

The former Circuit President, Bro. A.K Yusuf, in his speech, said he was very happy for the new development and new ideas coming up in the Majlis Khuddam.

According to him, Majlis Khuddam was the backbone of the Jama’at and Circuit and if Khuddam were not active, the Jama’at or Circuit would be affected.

Bro Yusuf concluded his speech by advising the Muqami Qaid, Bro Muhammed Daud to work hand in hand with the new State Qaid for better results.

Congratulating the new State Qaid, the former Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Alh. M. Maishanu said the situation here in the North was different from southwest, explaining that members (youth) here were poor farmers who were still growing in terms of understanding of the Jama’at.

As a result, he said the majlis should be more concerned about their spiritual upbringing and their understanding of Jama’at principles, ethics and ideologies.

8 Khuddam and 2 Ansarullah members were present at the meeting.


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