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STC: Apata Muqam orientates 150 students on crimes


By Abass Adebayo

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata Muqam has orientated not less than 150 students of Harmony Coaching Centre, Apata, Ibadan on 28th March, 2019 on the negative effects of crime.

The campaign, which lasted for one than one hour, was anchored by Apata Muqam Naib Motamad, Bro. Lateef Shonde.

In his speech, he highlighted the aims and objectives of organizing the stop the crime initiative.

He further said that the Majlis acknowledged the need to accelerate efforts to build the moral and spiritual capacity of members of the society, mainly the youths, to become immune from the attraction of crimes, maintaining that the contribution of government and non-state actors in the fight against crime among the youths cannot be underestimated.

Other details highlighted in the presentation include: the types of crimes, their effects to the students and how they can be shunned.

During the presentation, the campaign pamphlets were also distributed to the students as series of questions were asked by the students.

The Coaching Centre appreciated the organizers for the selfless action towards sensitizing the youths at large on how to shun crimes.



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