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Welfare: Ekiti State visits Ansarullah members


By Azeez Lateef

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ekiti Ilaqa has carried out welfare visitations to Ansarullah members on 27th April, 2019.

The visit, meant to show appreciation and give reports of the Ilaqa’s participation at the just concluded Majlis Khuddam Annual National Ijtema held in Lagos State.

The visit started from the residence of the Nazim Ansarullah, Ekiti Dil’a, Dr Oderinu Taofeeq Sahib. He welcomed the welfare team and gave words of advice, stating that there was need for a self-review and reformation of all Ahmadi members across auxiliary bodies.

He further admonished the Qaid to step up his activity with a view to ensuring activeness and responsiveness of Majlis members in the state towards Jama’at activities.

The Qaid thanked him for his fatherly advice as he presented a copy of Al-Irfan magazine to him. A prayer was offered before the team departed.

The welfare team also visited Pa Lawal of Water Works Jama’at in his shop. Pa Lawal welcomed Majlis members and praised their efforts at the Ijtema.

He further prayed for the progress of Khuddam and offered some words of admonition.

The Naib Qaid, Alhaj AbdulAkeem Mohammed, stated the reason for the visit, while appreciating him for his contribution towards the Khuddam ijtema. A copy of Al-Irfan magazine was also presented to him by the Qaid after which a prayer was offered.

The welfare team also visited Alhaji Rabiu and Mr AbdulHakeem Abdulwahab but they were unavailable as a later date was fixed for the visit.

The visit was undertaken by four members led by State Qaid, Bro. Abdulazeez Abdullateef and Nazim Khidmat-e-Khalq (Welfare), Bro. Yusuf Wasiu.