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Akinyele District organizes Inter-Muqami Quiz Competition


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Akinyele District has organized Inter-Muqami Quiz Competition for Atfal and Nasrat on 5th May, 2019.

 The quiz competition was a preliminary and a platform to select the best candidate(s) that would represent the Dil’a at the state final.

The quiz competition, which was graced by Naib State Qaid (NSQ) II, Bro. Ibrahim Atiba, was staged into 3 groups: the Basic Classes (Pry1-6), Mid-Secondary (JSS1-3) and Senior Secondary (SS1-3).

The contestants were tested on the following subjects, namely: Maths, English, Physics, Government, Account, Economics, Commerce, Basic Technology and Science.

At the end, the following contestants emerged the best: Basic classes (Primary Category); Mudathir AbdulRahman (24 points), Adelegan Abroor Ahmad (23 points) and Bamgbopa Amatu Basit (21 points).

For the Mid-Secondary (JSS Category); Hamzat Muhamun (30 points), Adelegan Nadrat Naheem (29 points) and Yusuf Naheem (27 points) emerged the best, while in the Senior Secondary School (SSS Category), Adelegan Fatihatul-Rahman (36 points), Adewole AbdulSamad (33 points) and Ajimoti Fawaz (30 points) were the best.

A total of 37 Majlis Atfal and Nasrat were in attendance.



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