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Aminul Qur’an: Edo-Delta graduates six members


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Edo-Delta Ilaqa has graduated six members during its Aminul Qur’an (The Completion of Qur’an) held at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’ at, Orerokpe Mosque, Warri, Delta State on 31st March, 2019.

The six members were graduated after spending two years in acquiring the knowledge of Holy Qur’an.

The graduands are: Abdul Mu’min Adeniyi (Atfal); Ibrahim Adetunji (Khuddam); Hasanah Qaseem (Lajnah); Khadijah Qaseem (Lajnah); Ruqayah Isa (Nasrah) and Rofiah Adetunji (Nasrah).

During the graduation, 84 people were in attendance which includes Ansarullah, Majlis Khuddam, Atfal, Lajna, Nasrat members, including non-Ahmadis.

Notable dignitaries at the event are: Naib Amir, Eastern Region, Dr Abdul Ghani Enahoro; National Ta’lim-ul-Qur’an and Waqf-ul-Ardh Secretary, Bro Abdul Hakeem Akintobi, Benin Central Missionary, Maulvi Abdul Lateef Ilori Sahib; Warri Jama’at President, Alh. Dr. Barr. A.Y. Abdullah, Benin Circuit General Secretary, Bro Musa Idris and Warri Jama’at Missionary, Muallim AbdulAzeem Adeleke.

Others are: Ekae Jama’at President, Bro Sheu Momoh; Benin Circuit Tabligh Secretary, Engr. Yakub Mustafa; Orerokpe Jama’at President, Engr Abdul Jaleel Tijani; Lajna District VIII Sadr, Mrs Aminat Enahoro; Benin Muqami President, Mrs Rizqat Onabanjo; Lajnah District VIII Welfare Secretary, Mrs Kauthar Abdullah; Warri Jama’at Lajna President, Mrs Khadijah Abdullah; Orerokpe Jama’at Lajna President, Mrs Maryam Qaseem and non-Ahmadi guests.


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