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Ojodu District takes tree planting to school, sensitizes students on crimes


By Asheer Abdulgafar

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ojodu District has taken tree planting campaign to school and sensitized students of Rosmos College, Wawa, Ogun State on dangers of crimes during its tree planting and stop the crime campaign programmes held on 27th June, 2019.

Majlis members were welcomed by the school proprietor, Dr. Moses Imara who shared his experience and extensively expressed himself about the positive effects of planting trees in a society.

After his address, Dr. Moses Imara handed over the seven Majlis
members to the school’s principal, Mrs Oluyomi Oluwatosin who took them straight to the high table inside the school’s hall where
students have been arranged and waiting to be addressed by MKAN.

Bro Kabir Alabi, in his speech, introduced the Jama’at and MKAN to the students. He then gave a comprehensive lecture on the importance of tree planting in a society, while explaining how trees are planted, where they are planted, their climate adaptation, how to care and nurture the trees and enumerating the benefits of different types of trees to human’s life.

After the lecture, the students asked questions which the lecturer
answered adequately. In the same vein, the Majlis also sensitized the students on the danger effects of crime during its Stop the Crime Campaign.

This came up during the conversation with the school proprietor, Dr. Moses Imara, who made it known that MKAN would always be welcomed to stage any of its programmes in his school.

He also added that MKAN are permitted to add any other programme to the day’s programme if possible. In that light, MKAN members decided to use the opportunity to stage STC Campaign considering the fact that it is highly essential that school students are well orientated on crimes.

Lagos State STCC Coordinator, Bro Asheer Abdulgafar delivered a
lecture on the subject by making the students understand the meaning of crime, different types of crime, causes of crime in our society, how to avoid getting involved in any form of criminal acts, while making them to understand the benefits of creating and living in a crime-free environment.

During the lecture, about 30 copies of STC flyers were shared to the students. It was evident that the students were so elated and curious to learn more about the subject as they asked a lot of questions from the lecturer. The lecturer provided answers to the satisfaction of the students.

At the end of the lectures, the school’s principal, teachers and some students led the team of MKAN members to plant trees at some suitable locations within the school premises.

The Majlis expressed their gratitude to the school proprietor for the permission given to bring the programme to their school. In return, Dr. Moses Imara thanked the members of MKAN for coming to add value to their students.

Meanwhile, MKAN members who participated in this event include: Bro Kabir Alabi, Asheer Abdulgafar, Missionary Kabir Folorunsho, Missionary Abdulrahman Ibrahim, Bro Adams Nafiu, Bro Jimoh Abdulgafar and Bro Sherif Adeniyi.



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