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Osogbo District organises 5th annual picnic, welfare visitation


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Osogbo District has organised its 5th annual picnic for Atfal and Nasrat at Osogbo District Children Park, Wole Ola Estate, Osogbo on 12th June, 2019.  

As the motive of the event was to let Atfal and Nasrat catch fun, there were a lot of fun for the children ranging from games participation to eating and drinking. Among the games organised were ludo, draft, brick games, table tennis, football, volleyball, scrabble, etc.

65 children,​18 Khuddam, 8 Ansarullah and 25 Lajna members attended the programme.

In a related development, the District also organised a welfare visitation to members and non-members with gift items on 14th May, 2019.

In line with the teachings of Holy Prophet (saw), the Dil’a shared food items to 3 Khuddam, 12 Ansarullah and Lajna members.

Furthermore, some Jama’at elders were visited to appreciate their efforts towards the service of the Jama’at and to intimate them of the challenges facing the Jama’at mosques in Osogbo, Wole Ola.

Among the elders visited include: Alh. R.A. Soliu; Alh. A.G. Akere; Pa Aderibigbe Hamzat, Latona President and Ustaz Daud Abdul Azeez, a former Dil’a Qaid and Naib Nazim, Ansarullah.

They all appreciated the contributions of Osogbo Majlis to Osogbo Circuit development with its laudable programmes.

There were eight members who took part in the two exercises.



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