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AMSA LAUTECH APW: Students address marriage issues, donates Blood


Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso Unit has held its annual propagation week recently as it addressed the marriage (Rishtanata) issues among the youths.

The event, which took place at Ahmadiyya Embassy Annex, has in attendance the Circuit Missionary, Mualim AbdulWaheed Oladipupo, Ogbomoso Jama’at President, Bro Monzoor Adeagbo, Naib Jama’at Rishtanatah Secretary, Mrs Alausa and 31 Unit members.

Bro Adeagbo Monzoor, talking on “The Ingredient for a Happy Marriage” advised the young Lajna and Khuddam to make Qur’an, Hadith and Malfoozat their guiding principles in future and present relationships.

He further stated that selection is an important factor towards having a successful marriage.

He advised the students to follow Qur’an 30 vs 21 when choosing and adopt the criteria stated therein which include “love, affection, security and respect”.

He concluded his talk by saying that since no relationship can exist without conflict, prospective husbands and wives should equip themselves with the communication tool as most marital conflicts are best solved through dialogue.

The Circuit Missionary, in his lecture on the topic “The Benefit of Getting Married at Young Mature Age”, stated that one should take cognizance of maturity, saying that no one should get married before they are mature enough to take that big step.

He said contrary to the general belief that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married Hazrat Aishat at the age of 10 years, it was only after Hazrat Aishat (ra) has reached the age of maturity that she got married to the Holy Prophet.

He, however, said that marrying at an early but mature age would help the couples to still build their families on a strong love. He advised those present that they should always try to marry their first love because that is usually where their best love resides.

He said youths should be sure before they approach or accept proposals because once a first love is lost, it is often difficult to get over it. In his words: “Young Lajna should utilise the opportunity of when they are still well appreciated by men to get married” and they should not wait until they have lost their appeal before considering marriage.”

Naib Rishtanatah Secretary, Mrs Alausa advised the ladies present to always be submissive in their marriage.  He said they would also need a lot of forbearance to survive in their marital homes as they would be meeting different kind of people. She then prayed that Allah guide everyone to make a right choice when it is time to marry.

Besides, AMSA LAUTECH Unit also donated blood to save life in an event tagged “Save a Life Campaign” which was carried out to further the cause of Islam-ul-Ahmadiyya in its ‘Humanity First’ concerns.

There was an encouraging turn-out of Unit members as the workers in the clinical laboratory of the hospital were all thankful.



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