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AMSA PolyIbadan organizes APW 2019


Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association, the Polytechnic, Ibadan Unit has held its Annual Propagation Week on 24th August, 2019.

Among the highlights of the event is the programme tagged ‘Walk for Peace’, a road procession. The students walked peacefully from Sango to Mokola Road.

Β During the walk, more than 100 pamphlets and others Jama’at flyers were distributed in order to propagate Islam within and outside the Jama’at and among other religious sects. Besides, it was done for the purpose of publicizing and announcing the beauty of the religion of Islam to the entire city.

Moreover, three AMSA members were in Khuddam uniform for security and safety purpose as 16 AMSA members participated in the event.

Also, part of the events is the sports activities in which most members participated in to improve their personal fitness and good health balances. The activities covered series of sports such as football, track field, relay race, concentration race and taekwondo, among others.

In addition, other programme includes AMSA APW Examination and Qur’an Competition. The examination was structured in accordance with the prescribed literature books recognized by the national body of the Association.

Members who coordinated the program were: Bro Animasaun AbdulRasheed, Exam Coordinator/Judge; Bro Ridhwanullah Akanbi, AMSA President; Hafiz Mubarak, Ta’leem Secretary and Bro Rufai Mutiu, Tabligh and Tarbiyyah Secretary who anchored the Qur’an aspect of the programme.

At the end of the competitions, gifts and prizes were given to winners at the symposium.18 members were present to participate in the programme.​ ​


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