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APW: Ahmadi Students Ekiti State holds Public Lecture, visits Egbe Ekiti Water Dam


Ahmadi Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA), Ekiti State has held a public lecture and visited Egbe Ekiti Water Dam as excursion event during its Annual Propagation Week held at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Central Mosque, Ajilosun Ado Ekiti between 4th and 6th October, 2019.

The Propagation week, themed “Treading the Pathway of Righteousness”, was attended by four institution units which include Ekiti State University, College of Education, Ikere, Federal University, Oye Ekiti and Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti.

The three-day programme featured other events such as humanitarian visit, health talk, Rishtanata, Qur’an recitation competition, hand crafts, sports (football match, ludo, arm wrestling and dart) and educational events like scrabble, message delivery, speech contest quiz competition and spelling bee.

The humanitarian visit to Rehabilitation Centre, Ado Ekiti was led by the Circuit Missionary, Muallim Ayinla Mutiu, Circuit President, Bro. Alawode Bashirudeen and AMSA President, Bro. Anjorin AbdulRasheed.

Prayer was said for staff members of the centre while some gifts were presented to them, as they expressed joy and appreciation.

A public lecture titled “Prophet Ibrahim: an Epitome of Righteousness” was delivered by Missionary Mutiu Ayinla at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Ado Ekiti.

The lecturer described how Hadhrat Ibrahim (as) lived a holy life to earn Allah’s mercy and grace, while encouraging the audience to imitate the prophet.

The Youth Vice President (Naib Sadr, Southwest), Dr. Sanni Taofeeq delivered a lecture on health titled “Stepwise Approach to Healthy Lifestyle of a Youth: Ulcer as a Case Study”.

Dr. Sanni Taofeeq explained the essence of eating a balance and rich diet at appropriate time, stressing the advantages of exercise and fitness for youths.

Moreso, Dr Sanni, while speaking on Rishtanata, enlightened AMSA members on the blessings of marrying within the Jama’at and the importance of good conduct between both sexes for ideal and lasting relationships.

Another lecture was delivered by Missionary Adebesin AbdulQuadri from Oloje Jama’at on “Treading the Pathway of Righteousness”.

Missionary Adebesin explained how AMSA members could live a righteous life, quoting some references from the Qur’an, Hadith and Malfoozah.

Qur’an recitation competition was held between the participating units in which Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti emerged the first.​

The high point of the day was the excursion to Egbe Ekiti Water Dam system. At the dam, AMSA members were conducted round the dam, spree way, treatment centre, dam laboratory, control rooms, electrical control system and pump centre.

The tour guide expressed his satisfaction at the matured and orderly conduct of members during the visit.

Members had the opportunity to ask questions about the operations of the dam.

A hand craft session was held where members were taught how to make soap locally using available resources; bottles of washing soaps were made.

A football match, ludo, arm wrestling and dart were held between units. Educational events like scrabble, message delivery, speech contest, quiz competition and spelling bee were also held among the four participating units and jambites.

On the last day, the APW Symposium took place at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Ado Ekiti. Present at the event were Maulvi A.J Giwa, Dr Taofeeq Oderinu, Nazim Ansarullah, Ekiti Dil’a, Bro Alawode Bashirudeen, Ekiti Circuit President, Missionary Ayinla Mutiu, Ekiti Circuit Missionary, Missionary Adebesin Abdulquadri and Alhaji Muhammad Abdulhakeem representing the State Qaid, among others.​

The symposium lecture titled “Khilafa: A true Guide to Righteousness” was delivered by Missionary Ma’ruf Ibrahim from Ikere Jama’at and Ustaz Apooyin Muhammad Waa’iz.

The two lecturers defined the essence of Khilafa in Islam and stressed the importance of obedience to Khalifa of the time.

Maulvi Giwa, while advising AMSA Members, stated that they should make it important to pay chanda am, adding that they should participate actively in Jama’at programmes.

A question and answer session took place and gifts were presented to members that did well in the competitions.

40 AMSA members within the state including jambites and secondary school students attended the event.



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