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Community Development: Omi-Adio District dredges river, fills potholes


Ahmadi Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Omi-Adio District has taken community development service to Oke-Odo River of Orisunbare Community to dredge the river and fill surrounding potholes on 6th October, 2019.

There is the need for non-governmental organizations and voluntary organizations to play complementary roles in maintaining social infrastructures, especially in a third world country like Nigeria, where maintenance culture has become non-existent.

It is in consonance with the above that Omi-Adio District moves to dredge the over-flown river and surrounding potholes through community development initiatives.

The Oke-Odo River of Orisunbare Community is a menace to the entire society and crossing it in the raining season is a serious huddle to both motorists and pedestrians. The river is the connecting network to many villages and other communities.

The extension of the water flow from the river during heavy rains is posing wanton environmental challenges to the surrounding residences.

The Majlis voluntarily visited the sites and through hand dredging with shovels, the river was properly channeled in a three-hour exercise.

Other materials used in the accomplishment of the exercise were serving bowls, wheelbarrow and flat planks to support the pedestrian bridge.

Members of the community and passerby applauded the Ahmadi Muslim Youths for their selfless service.